what to plant in a small garden

Figuring out what to grow

Here you are with a very limited amount of space and can’t decide what to plant in a small garden!

This is a tough dilemma for a lot of people. Some seem to have it all figured out while others can’t decide what they want to do, so they end up doing nothing.thinking monkey

There are many things you can do, many plants you can grow, but how do you decide on what exactly to do?

The answer is not always easy but it’s not as hard as some make it out to be.

Here are a few things that might help you decide what to plant in your small garden.


What is your favorite plant/vegetable?

What is your favorite plant or vegetable? This is what you should first think about. When you have a small or limited amount of space, grow what you love the most. This can be hard sometimes because, if your like me you have more than one favorite type of plant or vegetable. So how do you get past this? Well, maybe you can flip a coin or do the trusty ol inny minny miny mo, or whatever you use, to break a tie.

A lot of plants can be grown together which gives you an opportunity to grow multiple things in the same space if you like. We have all seen or may have pots with multiple flowering plants in them, something that is usually found at your local nursery. The thing you don’t see is mixed vegetable planters, but you can do this, especially with leafy vegetables.

Companion planting is a very common form of growing and can actually be very beneficial for plants. I will talk about this more in s different article.

Make a list

plant listIf you can’t narrow down what you would like to grow, make a list of what you want to grow and then write down the characteristics of each plant next to its name.


  • Geranium: heavy flowering, low growing, great for pots, must dead head to keep blooming., needs full sun to part shade.
  • Tomatoes: needs lots of water if in a pot, can grow very tall depending on variety, stops setting in temps above 75 degrees at night, gives delicious fruit.
  • Citrus trees: can be grown in a pot, likes to be slightly root bound, will need to be potted up into bigger pots eventually, has wonderful smelling blooms, produce very beneficial fruit, low maintenance, may have thorns.

If you don’t have a lot of space for vining or tall growing plants you can mark those off of your list.
If they are not a heavy bloomer and you are looking for consistent color mark that off your list. (Some plants have very colorful foliage which can be an option for color instead of blooms.)

You might even be more organized with the pros and cons than my list above, but you get the idea!

Copy others

In school we are told not to copy, which is good advice, but in the real world being a copycat can be very beneficial. We do it all the time when we go on diets and start work out regimens. When we cook a meal from a cook book, or make something from pinterest. In fact when you study about the most successful people in life in their respective industries, you will see a bit of copycatting from previous successful people.

In the world of gardening there is more copycatting than you may know and that’s because when someone figures out a way to grow something successfully, there is no reason to beat your head against the wall to learn what is already known.

Next time you are out at an apartment complex or at some condos, look around and see what people are doing. This will give you inspiration and ideas that you may never have thought of or you will see someone doing what you didn’t think was possible.

It’s truly amazing what can be grown in small spaces! We take for granted, sometimes what plants are capable of and how strong they can be!



When in doubt, experiment!

Sometime you just can’t decide what you want to do. In this case just jump head first and try what makes you happiest. It may mean buying five plants to stick in one pot and killing all the plants because it didn’t work out, Or maybe it will and you will have the most beautiful planter ever!

The truth is you can’t go wrong, gardening is all about experimenting, trial and error, being a mad scientist. It’s fun! This is what it’s about. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Besides, going with the crowd all the time is boring. Be creative, let your gardening juices fly and do whatever comes to your mind.

Sometimes we need to take off the bars of out thoughts and let things come to us. Don’t restrict yourself because you have limited space. There are a lot plants that can be grown in small spaces. Some can be grown without soil!

You have the power

Don’t let you tiny space deter you from growing the plants you want to grow. If you have a favorite plant, try growing it in your space, if it doesn’t work, O well. Find another plant and keep growing.

Make your list of your favorite plants, the pros and cons of each to help you narrow down what you can grow in your space and start planting.

Don’t be afraid to copy what others are doing. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.

Put you lab coat on and start experimenting. This is really the true fun in gardening. Trying things to see what works and doesn’t. It’s so exciting when things go better than you expected.

Don’t let yourself be afraid to try growing things because your space is limited and you don’t know or can’t figure out what to grow. You have the power to create a living space no matter what size it is!






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