Tiny Garden Spaces- growing plants in any space

When it comes to growing plants not everybody has the same amount of space, some are blessed with all the space they can imagine, to grow a beautiful vegetable garden or flower garden or herb garden, while most of us have limited space. In fact some only have tiny garden spaces and that is where I hope to be able to inspire new and creative ideas.

A tiny garden space can mean something different for each person so Let’s look at the different ways you can take your tiny garden space and grow something you can enjoy no matter how limited your space is.

Growing in Existing Flower beds

flower bed gardeningIf you own or rent a house you probably have existing flower beds. These are the easiest areas to grow in because they already exist. While flower beds are usually just thought of as being used for growing flowers, they can also be used to grow vegetables and herbs. The great thing about it is that all these plants can be grown together. A lot of time we tend to think we can’t grow this or that because there isn’t enough space or there are to many plants already in a certain space. The wonderful thing about plants is that they can grow closer to each other than you think and don’t have to be grown in rows like you see on farms. In fact, if you mimic nature you can grow many varieties of plants right next to each other.

One other way of using existing flower or mulched beds is to set pots out in those areas and grow whatever you would like in them. This leads us to our next subject. Patio or balcony gardening.

Growing on a Patio or Balcony

Just about everyone has a patio or a balcony that they can utilize to grow plants on. While some are larger than others the opportunity to grow and enjoy plants is available. We have all seen those beautiful pots with plants growing in them in front of restaurants and stores in the middle of the city. All you need to do is follow their example and get the pots that you like and fill them with the soil of your choice from the local nursery and you are ready to grow in your small space.

There are many sizes of pots to chose from and using these different sizes in your patio/balcony garden can give pots, pots and more potsa nice visual appeal that you may not get using the same size pots for everything. Besides some plants may not need the same amount of soil or water that other’s do and a different size pot may be required.

Whatever size pots you use have fun and experiment, that’s what gardening is all about!

Growing in Raised Beds

If you’re like me, you have a small outdoor space in your backyard to grow in. I have tried growing the traditional way in the ground but because I live in a subdivision the soil is a poor quality back fill with a thin layer of topsoil. Very difficult to grow in and takes time to get to a good quality growing medium.

I have found that raised beds give me the ability to choose the soil I want to use and creates an immediate deep soil base for roots, and also helps with weed control. Raised bed gardening also organizes the garden and defines walk ways that are easy to see especially when your plants are full-grown and tend to cover walk ways in the traditional gardening method in tiny spaces. They also help with weed control which is a never ending battle as a gardener by putting the soil line above the existing one which is full of existing weed seeds and deep-rooted weeds which are hard to get rid of. You will still have to keep on top pf the weeds so they don’t take over but it is much Raised Bedeasier when they are young and tender than once they have become established.

Raised beds can consist of any material that you can think of from wood to cinder blocks to water troughs. I’ve even seen them made of old tires, talk about a great way to recycle!


Growing Indoors

Anybody, no matter where they live can grow indoors. You may be limited compared to growing outside but there is a large variety of plants that thrive indoors and even certain veggies that do very well for short periods of time.

Veggies that you can grow indoors include micro greens, leafy greens such as spinach, lettuce and kale. You can even grow mushrooms and herbs on your kitchen counter.

Grow lights are usually used for indoor growing. These lights simulate the sunlight which is needed for plants to go through photosynthesis, the process by which plants use sunlight to make food from carbon dioxide and water. If you don’t have grow lights you can use a very bright window, however vegetables may not perform as well without grow lights.Indoor Plants

There are many indoor plants which can do well without grow lights and are usually tropical plants that don’t fair well in most outdoor climates in the United States, at least not for the whole year. Most of these plants can be found at your local nursery and usually require no more than bright lit windows to grow and thrive. Some examples of these are ivy’s, succulents, air plants, orchids and many more.


You can garden no matter what size space you have

No matter how tiny your space is there are opportunities to garden. No matter if your space consists of indoors only or you have enough space to have a raised bed you can grow food to eat or flowers to enjoy. Don’t let a tiny space deter you from doing something that is fun and therapeutic. Like I said earlier have fun and experiment, you never know what you can come up with. Opportunities to garden abound! You just have to look for them and dig in!





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