Gardening in the summer

I’m Melting, Meltiiiiing!


It’s June in the garden, in Texas, and it’s hot! This year has had an unusual amount of rain which has been great but has also made it much more humid. O how I dislike the humidity, but o how my plants love it.


I even have a couple orchids I put outside because they were done blooming and dying do to lack of humidity  in my house and they are putting on new growth and looking really good. Not normal for orchids to thrive outside in Central Texas but this year is different.


This is the time of year where there is less to grow because of the heat, In Texas we are limited to a few leafy green varieties, such as New Zealand Spinach, some swiss chards and greens from beets if you have any left. Okra is coming on, which loves the heat! A few melons like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew.

My cucumbers are doing very well right now. They got a late start due to cooler than normal temps into May.

My tomatoes are full of tomatoes but the plants themselves are starting to give up the ghost. In the past I have tried to keep the plants alive through the summer so they are established in the fall, but have found i get better results from new plants planted in July.

This year I am going to get rid  off all my tomatoes and plant winter squash in their place. I do have a spider mite issue on the tomatoes and need to try and plant them somewhere else, which is difficult when you don’t have much space.


I just harvested my garlic which did very well  and my onions which didn’t, mainly because I didn’t thin them out, but still got a bunch of tiny pearl sized onions. My zucchini did very well and I have a second round coming on right now and hopefully they can handle the heat long enough to produce a  little more.


The most surprising thing this year is I had a volunteer acorn squash come up in my backyard that produced about 6 white acorn squash. Ate the first one last night by slicing it in medallions and cutting out the center which wa all seeds and cooked them over avocado oil, then place ground meat in them, topped them with cheese and baked for about 10 minutes at 250 degrees. Turned out very good and the squash was the texture of mashed potatoes which was nice. It was like a shepherds pie without the sugars from the potatoes.


All in all it has been a successful spring gardening season with things looking good for the hot summer.


What are some of your favorite summer veggies to grow?