Top Garden Tools for your Tiny Garden

Gardening tools are probably the most important thing next to your soil health when it comes to gardening. These tools are so important that they make gardening easier, more enjoyable and even less dirty.

There are so many garden tools out there on the market, so how do you know which ones are the top garden tools for your tiny garden?

The truth is everyone has their own preferences, and if you talk to five different people and ask what are there top 3 tools you will get different answers. Usually though there are a few tools that are consistently used by everyone.

Let’s talk about the some top garden tools that are consistently used.

The Shovel

Everyone uses the shovel! I know people who don’t garden or hardly do any outside work but have a shovel. The shovel is probably the most versatile tool for the garden since you can use it of course to move soil and dig things up, but it can be used as a hammer (not recommended), tamper, dibble, spacer and the list goes on.

Shovel’s of course come in all shapes and sizes, so you have to know what job you will be doing and pick the correct one for the job.

Here is a list and benefits of some more commonly used shovels in the garden.


Spade Shovel: Shaped like its name it looks like a spade. Great all around shovel that is used for any type of work in the garden.


Square shovel: Also shaped like its name, is great for scraping, tamping and shoveling loose dirt.


Sharp shooter shovel: Long, thin shovel that penetrates the soil very effectively. Great for digging holes for large potted plants to be planted in the ground. This is my favorite shovel for planting potatoes in the ground.


Hand trowel: Small hand held shovel great for planting small plants and re potting. Probably the most commonly owned because of its size and ease of use. A very versatile little tool that every gardener should have. Of course these come in different shapes. My favorite one is almost flat, very little curvature, which makes it more versatile than the nearly U shapes ones.

There are many other shovels, made for distinct purposes, but the ones above are easy to find and a great tool to have.

The Garden Hoe

The garden Hoe is another highly versatile tool that comes in many shapes and sizes which can also be used for more than its intended purpose, but its probably best to only use it for what its made for. (speaking from experience, using tools for their unintended purposes can lead to damage or complete ruin of the tool).

Made to shape soil, clear weeds, make rows, and harvest certain crops it is a wonderful must have tool for the garden.

Here is a list and benefits of the more commonly used garden hoe’s.


Paddle/Draw Hoe: AKA the general hoe, this is the hoe we all know, the most versatile and easiest to find.


Stirrup/Scuffle Hoe: Looks like a stirrup on a saddle is great for surface weeding.


Warren/dutch Hoe: Triangular in shape, is great for small or tight areas and for making rows for seeds.

The list goes on but these are the ones you most commonly see and for the gardener a must have.


Shears are a must have tool for the garden. They come in all sizes and make the job of pruning, thinning and harvesting much easier.


There are single hand held sizes, and smaller ones that are more like scissors for small plants and precision pruning. My favorite are Felco’s but have used other brands such as Corona which are of high quality.


There are you hedge shears that are long and used with two hands and the lopper used for trimming larger material. Usually has a much smaller blade for cutting but allows for quite a bit of leverage.


Depending on the job at hand will determine what size you will want to use. I don’t have a particular favorite with these but have found the cheaper you buy the more likely it will break, especially in the handle. This is very annoying and ends up costing you more in the long run.

Many More Tool Options

There are many more garden tools that are used in the garden, all made for a certain purpose to make the job at hand much easier. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at them to decide what to get and use. For me I want one of each so I can try them ll, but that isn’t feasible for most people, including me due to cost and available space. There are tools out there that are multi tools of sorts that have multiple parts that can be interchangeable but I find the quality is not near what a one design use tool has. The more parts there are the more likely pieces will get broken or go missing.

The only multi garden tools that are worth having are the double headed hoes with a flat how on one side and a fork on the other side. The small hand held size seem to be the best in my experience, but if they are of good quality and size will work fine.



As a gardener tools are among the most important, well, tool that you will have. There are so many to choose from and its always best to have every one there is but that isn’t feasible. So, if you are trying to decide what tools you must have to make your gardening life easier my suggestion is to go with a shovel, hoe and pruner. You decide which is best for you and over time add to your tool collection just like you do to your plant collection.

Is there a favorite tool of your own that you use? Leave a comment about your favorite tools.